A Weekend at the Lake: 5 cars That Are Perfect for Transporting a Boat

Posted Saturday, Jun 12, 2021

A Weekend at the Lake: 5 cars That Are Perfect for Transporting a Boat

Boat sales were way up in 2019 reaching the second-best numbers they’ve seen over the last 12 years. While 2020 has taken a hit when it comes to recreational watercraft, demand in boating still exists as people look for creative ways to have fun without needing to gather in crowds.


If getting out on the water is your remedy to the social stagnation 2020 has brought about, you’re going to need a great towing vehicle to get your watercraft from your driveway to the water.


Transporting a boat can be a scary prospect for new watercraft owners that are looking to hit the lakes during a weekend getaway. If you’re armed with a vehicle that’s rated to safely pull the appropriate amount of weight though, you’ll be fine.


Below, we’ve compiled a list of cars that fit the boat-towing bill and may be worth your buying consideration!


Volvo S60

While most sedans aren’t going to cut it when it comes to towing boats, there are a  handful of cars in this class that can tow a surprising amount of weight. For example, the Volvo S60 can pull over 3000 pounds.


That’s not going to get your yacht to from your house to the water but if you’re sporting a smaller pontoon boat, there’s a good chance you’ll get by.


Ford Expedition

Nothing screams towing quite like Ford-branded cars. While most people associate Ford’s towing abilities with its larger trucks (more on those in a moment) it’s a little known secret is that Expeditions are also great choices for transporting a boat.


Your standard Expedition can pull around 9000 pounds which gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to which styles of boat you can safely pull.


Jeep Wranglers

Jeep Wranglers may very well be the ultimate outdoor vehicles. They’re great for off-roading, camping, and are also excellent companions for weekend trips to your local lake.


While not sold on their towing capabilities, Wranglers can pull close to 4000 pounds if you buy a model from the “Heavy-Duty Electrical Group”.


Add that pull capability to Wrangler’s legendary versatility and it may be the most convenient car choice on our list.


RAM 3500 HD

The RAM 3500 HD (heavy-duty) can pull any boat we can think of that you can safely hitch onto it.


This breed of truck can tow a staggering 31,000 pounds so you’ll never have to worry about getting your watercraft, its marine stereo system packages, and other fancy trimmings to your destination.


Ford F-150

Are you a sucker for the classics? Do you want to save some cash over the RAM 3500? If so, stick with Ford and pick up an F-150.


This truck will give you over 11,000 pounds of towing ability and a suite of wonderful trailer features that’ll make driving with your boat hitched much easier.


Transporting a Boat Is Always Better When You’re Armed With the Right Vehicle


Picking the right vehicle when transporting a boat can do wonders for the ease of your commute and the viability of your safety.


We hope our suggestions have inspired you when it comes to your towing needs. If you’re looking for more guidance on boat travel and/or cars, we welcome you to check out additional automotive coverage in our digital publication.